Reading Rocks!!!!!

Week of February 1st

This week in reading....

Last week we were taught how to write a summary. We were asked to pick a fiction book and then we were asked to summarize it. This week we finished our summaries. We also started our Mystery unit. Students were given different Cam Jansen books and were asked to make predictions based on the pictures they saw. Students then got in guided reading groups and read chapter 1. Afterwords students made predictions about what they thought would happen in the next chapter. Additionally students were asked to read chapters 2 and 3. They then were asked to use the apps my story And RWT timeline to show what they learned. This week we also focused on mystery type vocabulary words. These words included clue, evidence, and hunch. Next week we will continue with our mystery unit. Students will be writing a creative piece about something that is missing. We will also finish reading our Cam Jansen novels.
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Explaining events fro Chapters 1 and 2


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Making Predictions

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