The Escape to Freedom

How to Find Your Way to the North

In order to free yourself to the north, you must first escape your current holding as a slave, fleeing from your overseer. Once on your own you must flee to the north, escaping the black belt of the south and to the Ohio river valley region. In order to know you are running to the north, you must locate the North Star in the night sky, the brightest star in the sky, or by the moss growing on trees that always points to the north. Run to the north during the night. Hide your scent in streams, ponds and rivers to use cover and hide from dogs or anyone tracking runaway slaves. If caught the consequences will be brutal involving many floggings. Hide during the day and run at night but scavenge for any food you can find on your way. Never stop and utilize resources and travel the underground railroad if the opportunity presents itself. This will help your chances in escaping to being free, no longer being a part of the peculiar institution. Join up with any other slaves escaping during the knight, aka darkies. Many other blacks have risen up against slavery and the white such at Denmark Vessey and Nat Turner, so if they can rise up so can you.

The ideal route to the north involves slaves escaping through Cairo, Missouri in which while in the north you can travel routes to Chicago, Illinois to where you will flee into free Canada.