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endangered Snow Leopards

Identification of a snow lepard

The Snow Leopard is one of the large cats of the environment. The snow leopard has a whitish yellow fur with black spots. The snow leopard has large front teeth used to keep a hold of their prey. The leopard has circle eye with small pupils. The cat adapted to the cold and dry habitats. The snow leopard is one of the top ambush predators of the mountains.

Geographic location and habitat for snow leopards.

The snow leopard is native to the mountains ranges of central Asia. The snow leopards prey involve sheep and goats. They also eat small animals like rodents, hares, and game birds. The snow leopard could be found at an altitude of 9,800 - 17,000 feet. China contains about 60% of the snow leopards. They make shelter under cliffs and in caves.

The classification of the snow leopard.

kingdom: Animalia

genus: panthera

species: cat

phylum: chordate

class: mammalia

order: carnivore

family: felidae

Role in the ecosystem.

The snow leopards role in the ecosystem is a carnivore. Its job is to kill off over populated animals and the weak animals.

Threats and solutions .

There is only around 3,500 - 7,000 snow leopards left. Humans have made a dent in the snow leopards population because of its fur. They have loss habitat due to mining in the mountains, chemicals being spread through the water and air, and explosives from mining blasts.. One solution is to make a reservation for the snow leopards to live in , where they can't be hunted or killed off by chemicals or explosives. They can run free and repopulate and grow as bread again.
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