Weekly Geekly

Vol. 13 November 18- November 22

Deep Frying a Turkey - Alton Brown Q&A

What's Important This Week

One more week until Thanksgiving Break! Wahoo!

Here are some fun Interactive Thanksgiving activities just for fun!

Investigating the First Thanksgiving

Turkey Bounce

Voyage on the Mayflower

The Year we had Two Thanksgivings

Map Your Recipe

App of the Week- Cartoonatic

Cartoonatic is a photo and video app. With this app, you take video but with a cartoon effect. There are several different effects that you can choose from, and your finished video can be saved to your camera roll. This is great for taking videos of yourself, because none of us like the way we look on camera, and the cartoon effect hides our imperfections!! Love that!

Is this app available on school devices? Yes.

Is there an Android version? No, BUT there are two different cartoon cameras that will do cartoon photos.

Integration Tip

Make a sample. When you have your students create a product for your class using technology, it is a good idea to create a sample for them to see, so they truly understand what you are looking for. However, you might choose a totally unrelated topic for the sample product. You want them to see what you expect, but you don't want all of the products to turn out just like yours!

I SPY...

&th Grade Science students at Pioneer Heritage Middle school recently created videos about natural disasters. They used iMovie, which is found on the Mac Book carts. Students filmed a news segment in front of a green screen, and then imported natural disaster footage for the background. They got the footage from Discovery Streaming- remember the kids have account.

Like this idea and want to try it out? I can help! Come see me! You can find some instructions here as well.

Here are two examples of the finished product:



Just for Giggles:

Turkey In Yo Belly Time!