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THE PRICE OF THE FLIGHT $1,116IT Woukd take 6 hours to get there,

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Hilton Hotel Frankfurt 370 $


Reichstag Building

The Reichstag building is a magnet for visitors to the German capital, Berlin © DBT / Zumbansen

On 30 Decided in October 1991 the Council of Elders of the Bundestag that the historical Reichstagsbau the architect Paul Wallot should be restored and used by 1894 as the seat of an all-German parliament. The ruins of the Reichstag had been rebuilt in the sixties, but was not used as parliament building.

The contract for reconstruction of the Reichstag building after the capital was awarded the decision by British architect Sir Norman Foster for an international architectural competition. In June 1994 he presented his revised draft of the Reichstag project. It stipulated to design a modern parliament building that respects the history of the Reichstag building and at the same time to realize the implementation of a forward-looking energy strategy. The former Reichstag building was converted into a modern working parliament that meets all requirements of the latest communication, office and workplace technology.


Political Extremism
Political Extremism in Germany has increased by 3.8% in this past year to roughly about 25,000 people causing trouble around the country. This doesn't seem like a lot but 25,000 Neo-Nazis and communists creating violence toward immigrants and policemen is a big problem for everyone in the country, even if they are not directly affected by it. Domestic Islamic extremism is one of the larger problems in the country because it causes the most violence in the cities. In this picture, an anti-Nazi protest is going on which shows that the threat of the Nazi party actively coming back is a worrisome threat for the whole country. There is a recent popularity toward anti-immigrant resentment, which lets the far right (Third Reich) evolve and become increasingly popular. The Eastern part of Germany, especially has a hatred toward immigrants due to their lack of jobs because of the foreigners taking them which increases the popularity of Neo-Nazi's in the East.


They were nazi germany in the past of 1939

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