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About the map! #1

This map is the colonization of Africa from Europe. In 1884 European leaders sat down and partitioned Africa. African leaders were not present. This was called the Berlin conference. Even though some countries got more land, some or most of that land is not useful.

Apartheid in Africa! #2

Apartheid is the segregation in Africa between all different races. In the late 1940's segregation was at its peak. Blacks, Whites, Asians, and mixed couldn't do anything together. People started to get tired of segregation in Africa, especially Nelson Mendel, a non-violent protester. He was like the Martin Luther King Jr. of Africa. He would always protest even if it was very dangerous, many of his men died while protesting. He later went to prison with a life sentence. Even while he was in prison he still protested by not eating or drinking, while his men continued to protest on the outside. Later on African leader lifted segregation laws after the and Nelson Mandel was voted as the first black president.

21st centary African Problems Chart! #3

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Independence Moment Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

Independence is a big part of why Africa is what it is today. When Kenya was first colonized it felt as if it was an invasion of their land. They established a group called the Mau Mau; they fought against the British to gain independence. Nigeria was a whole different story, they got their independence peacefully. Then Jomo Kenyatta became their first elected government. South Africa had to go through a lot of trouble to get their independence, through a lot of non-violent lead by Nelson Mandela. F.W de Klerk ended Apartheid and later granted independence. Nelson Mandel became president.