By: austin harrison


Fleas can live on almost any animal as long as they can take blood from the host to get their nutrients, this can be any animal from a human to a cat.


Fleas bite their host to draw blood and nutrients from them, an adult female flea can consume up to 15 time their body weight in blood, fleas will also continue to eat until they cannot digest anymore blood.


Female fleas can lay up to 5000 or more eggs in one lifetime and up to 700 eggs in one week. Most eggs are laid in areas were the host rest or sleeps so that the eggs have a source of food when they hatch.


Fleas can bite and live on almost any animal as long as they can take blood from the animal they can survive off of it although the most common types of fleas are the dog and cat fleas that plague our household pets.


Fleas can jump up to two feet in the air diagonally. They can also live very long periods of time without food and have specially adapted claws to latch onto their host when they are feeding. They also have a very thin body that allows them to move in. Fur and hair easily


An adult flea is up to 3.3 millimeters long. Young fleas are about 1.5 millimeters long and grow from a larvae stage were they are about one millimeter long.


1.) flea saliva can dissolve the skin of their host making it easier to feed

2.) flea body's are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions

3.) an adult flea can propel its body up to 200 times its length

4.) fleas can cause very serious skin rashes