Green Careers

Coaches and Scouts


If you love sports then a Coach is the right job for you.

Coaches jobs are to teach amateur and professional athletes the skills they need to be successful at their sport. If you want to be a Scout then you have to look for new players, evaluating athletes' strengths and weaknesses on and off the field. All you need to coach is a High School diploma or College diploma if you want to teach pros.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: You get to work with sports which is what I love and you get to Coach amateur players like Lebron James or Kobe Bryant, that is, if you're good enough.

Disadvantages: You have to give up time with family and Holidays, Weekends, Weekdays, etc.

Famous Coaches


If your a coach you will probably get payed around $28,500 a year shown by statistics and 10% of coaches earn $64,000.

Environmental Relationship

I think being a coach qualifies as a Green Career because coaches have to know if its safe enough to take a long bus ride or fly to an opponents stadium if the weather conditions are bad or not.
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Interesting Facts

Coaches are responsible for instilling in their players the importance of good sportsmanship, a competitive spirit, and teamwork.