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Soft Skill Spotlight: Punctuality


Being fashionably late for a date or party might be acceptable, but it is definitely not a good habit for the workplace and school. Survey's show that about 15%-20% of employees are late to reach their offices every day. Most people do not realize the impact of being tardy.

Punctuality displays your respect for people and of your time-management skills. In a scheduled appointment, the late-comer usually gives an impression that she doesn’t value the other person’s time or considers her time more important than that of the other person. (This is exactly why candidates should never be late at a job interview!)

Employees should:

  • plan for the unexpected to ensure you're on time or early,
  • avoid extended lunch breaks,
  • respond to emails in a timely fashion, and
  • meet deadlines, making sure to fulfill your responsibilities.
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When you are cronically late, people notice:


Discussion Questions

How late is too late?

What is the number one excuse for being late?

What do you think will be the long term ramifications of being late?

Do you think it's important be on time? Why?
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Why Punctuality Matters

Shows your strong character: By arriving on time, it shows your dedication and portrays that you take your responsibilities seriously. Punctuality has become an invaluable asset to a company these days, and when someone does it right, people notice. It presents you as a person of strong character and people will respect you for that.

Shows that you respect others: Punctuality shows that you respect your boss and people you work with. You are also ethically earning your paycheck at work by arriving on time, which is what you are paid to do. Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy employee.

Proves you as reliable and professional: Punctuality proves you to be a trust worthy and efficient person. Being punctual helps establish your reputation as a dependable and consistent worker. When you show that you are reliable, you have opportunities to take on more responsibility and leadership.

Let's look at why some researchers think people have a hard time being on time.

New study provides explanation why some people are always tardy

Discussion Questions

How do you feel about being on time-ish?

The video pointed out that cable companies, airlines, doctor's offices and buses have always run on ISH time.
Why do you think consumers tolerate that?

Is it a double standard that businesses expect us to be on time, but they can't make the same commitment?

Do you value people being on time?

Are you normally on time? How does that reflect on your character?

Job Snapshot: Are you naturally an early riser and always on time? Check out this career...

Enterprise Staff Arrive Early To Maintain Beautiful Golf Course
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