Maccabees and the Revolt

Religion II

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Before the Revolt

The Greeks conquered the Persians and Jerusalem was now under the rule of the Greeks.

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Antiochus IV

Antiochus is the Seleucid king who was going to make his whole empire Greek. No one spoke against him because he was crazy and no one spoke against him because he was brutal.
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The Temple of God

The Temple of God was turned into the Temple of Zeus by Antiochus IV. He filled the temple with harlots and offering unclean sacrifices on the altar. He introduced Greek styles of worship at the temple.
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The Revolt

Mattathias and his 5 sons retreated to the countryside and made a resistance against the Greeks. Even though they knew that it was a hopeless effort, they thought it was better to revolt and die for God rather than being unfaithful to God. In the end, the revolt succeeded and the sons of Mattathias slowly began to take bits and pieces of territory. Within 3 years, the faithful Jews were able to purify and rededicate the Temple.
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Hanukkah celebrates the re-dedication of the Temple.