Finding a Book in the Library

(You can do it!)

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, a library consisted only of books, and students used to locate them in the library by using a card catalogue. Ask your parents (or maybe your grandparents) what that is!

These days, most students use the internet to do their research. One year, a group of grade 12s admitted they avoided using books because they didn't know how to find them in the library.

Well, the teacher-librarian showed them how. Giddiness followed.

Where you need to start

1. You have three options:

  • Open the "Applications" page, and click on the "Library Catalogue" icon. The page is in alphabetical order. The icon is of a set of books.
  • Alternatively, go to . Go to the eResources tab. The first section is called, "Quick Links". A link to the FMSS Library Catalogue is first on the list.
  • Or click on the "Library" button on your BYOD page.

Next steps

2. Open the Library Catalogue. Enter your keywords in the "Search for" box.

For example, if you were researching how global warming affects the earth's water systems, put in the keywords, "global warming water".

Click on the "words or phrase" button.

Big picture
3. A book record should appear. Now look for the call number.

There's a lot of other useful information on the page, but the call number is what we use to locate a book in the library.

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Time to stand up!

4. Now go over to the shelves. You'll notice in the non-fiction section, each shelf has a poster on it. The poster shows a subject and a range of call numbers.

Since our call number starts with "551", we're heading to the 500s, or the Science section.

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5. Books are arranged in numerical order.
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6. Do you see our book, yet?
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Still confused about Call Numbers?

Check out this short video from RMIT University. Cool accent.
How to find a book in the Library | RMIT University

Advanced features

Explore using the library catalogue to:

  • check your account (don't forget to log off!)
  • see lists of suggested titles
  • use the "search again" feature at the bottom of the results page to narrow down your search

From home?

Go to the database portal. On the right, there's red chiclet which links to all the libraries in Peel. Select Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School to access our catalogue

Looking for Fiction?

Fiction books are arranged in alphabetical order (by the author's last name) on the back wall of the library.

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