Lake Clark, Alaska

Camping trip

how will I get there and when will I camp?

December 10th I will take a pontoon plane to Lake Clark National Park.

I will camp from Dec. 11th-14th and take a pontoon boat back to my home state

fun activities!

I have planed many fun activities to do while I am there. I plan on

Ice fishing

build fires

go kayaking

hammock for a while


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how will I get my material?

at the front of the national park they have a Joe's Outdoors shop (its like our bass pro shop just smaller) they let you rent


ice/regular fishing material

wet suits

and you can buy fire wood


Best deal for rentals, $210 for unlimited for 4 days

Food (cliff bars, trail mix, watermelon sour patch kids, meat, ect...) total $49

each night cost $15

total= $274

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Sleeping arraignments

-50 sleeping bag

queen size blow up mattress

waterproof tent that holds four people (I will be the only one attending)

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