Exotic Animal Ownership? NO!!

Exotic animals are dangerous... stick with a dog.

My Position

Owning permits, minimal states allow exotic animal ownership, and danger are the reasons I say people should not own exotic animals.
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People have to own permits to hold exotic animals at their house.

  1. Zookeepers own permits because they have studied exotic animals.
  2. If you want a permit you will need to research and learn about what to do if it turns on you.
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Only seven states allow exotic animal ownership.

The sates are Nevada, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Other states require a permit to own exotic animals.
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Some exotic animals are so dangerous they kill.

  • Including the tiger, bear, wolf, and lions.They use their claws, teeth and body weight.
  • Tigers can weigh up to 300 pounds they are very dangerous and heavy. They have very sharp teeth to hunt prey.
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This video talks about a disease called monkeypox

Monkeypox is harmful to humans but even more harmful for animals. When an animal gets monkeypox it is lucky to survive. Thats how dangerous monkeypox is. Exotic animals get it all the time. Im not going to take the risk of dying.


As a result to my research that is why I Think we should not keep exotic animals.