The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Kent Kaing


The author's text structure defines the characterization of Walter Mitty as absentminded, shy, and tolerant.
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Walter Mitty is absentminded.

One reason why he is absentminded is that the events that take place around Walter Mitty help trigger daydreams. The daydreams help him escape reality. Also,He does not realize what happens out of the dream.
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He is shy around other people.

For example, woman passed by him and heard him saying "puppy biscuits" to himself and laughed with her friend. Walter Mitty then quickly walked away. Also he wanted to wear a sling for his right arm so he would not have to take off the chains of his tires instead of just asking the garagemen to take it off for him.
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Mitty is extremely tolerant when he is yelled at or made fun of.

An example of him being tolerant is when Mrs. Mitty scolds at Walter because he never talks back to her. He just lets her under his skin and daydreams to get away from his wife. Also when people laugh at him, he does not complain or stand up for himself. He lets people "step on him".
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In conclusion, Walter Mitty is portrayed as absentminded, shy, and tolerant by the text structure of the story.