Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

Week 21 February 2, 2016

Up Coming Events and Reading Stories

February 3 - Wylie Way Day

February 8 & 9 - District check point testing

February 12 - Valentine's Day Party

February 15 - President's Day - School Holiday

Up Coming Stories:

Week 21 - What Do Illustrator's Do? - Texas Treasures

Week 22 - Myths and Fables continue poetry

Week 23 - Stone Soup - Texas Treasures

Week 24 - Titanic - short novel

Reading and Target Reading

Reading - This week we read an expository story called What Do Illustrator's Do? in our Texas Treasures book. Students worked with the following words: instance, style, suggestions, texture, sketch, and illustrate.

The focus skills were: cause and effect, sequence, and context clues.

Target Reading - Our story this week was called The Surprise. Students worked on summary, expanding writing sentences with adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and editing skills.

District Check point testing -

Next week your student will take the math and reading checkpoint assessments. These tests are designed to simulate the STAAR math and reading assessments. Information collected from these tests is vital for our teachers as they plan for classroom instruction, targeted interventions, and lesson extensions for our students. We recommend that your child gets a good night’s sleep and brings a healthy snack for our testing sessions. If your student is absent on either day of the assessments, they will be included in a make-up testing session upon their return to school.

After we score the assessments, we will send home information regarding your student’s progress.

The math assessment is on Monday, February 8th.

The reading assessment is on Tuesday, February 9th.

We know that our students are ready and will do their best. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the assessments. Testing will occur from 8-12 on these two days.

Social Studies and GRIT Day

Students are taking a look at how our government was formed and what the three branches do to keep our cities, states, and country running. They will not be tested over this information, but they need to know why the formation of government is important to our community and what would happen if we did not have our systems in place. Below is a Brain Pop Jr video on three branches of government. (username- dodd104, password- wylieisd)

Grit Day - Students had a follow up on GRIT Day to discuss and write about a time they struggled with something and what they did to handle the situation. They used examples of how they used GRIT to stick with it and determination to never give up even when times are tough.

Spelling and CUPS

Spelling - Unit 21 focused on controlled vowel r with the spelling pattern using: or,ur, ear, ir. They also worked with the following homophones: won, one, paws, pause. Almost all students have successfully turned in spelling and CUSP on a weekly basis, but I still have some students who are forgetting to put their completed work in their backpack to turn in. Just a friendly reminder, spelling journals are due on Thursdays and CUPS practice pages are due on Fridays.

CUPS - The focus skill on CUPS was contractions. Students worked on identifying and creating contractions within sentences of their own and also choosing the correct spelling of the contraction too.

Valentine's Day Party

Friday, February 12, is our classroom Valentin's Day party - Students will need to create and bring a Valentine's Day box to exchange cards. Here is the link to sign up to send times for our party. Again, this link is only for my homeroom students. This is out last party, so please make sure we have all the supplies to make it awesome. A big thanks to Mrs. Celis for helping to put the parties together this year!