Jackson is a Hero

President Jackson was a hero...at least in my opinion.

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Political Cartoon

The cartoon above represents Andrew Jackson destroying the national bank. He hated the bank so much and people were happy when he destroyed the bank.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester

Battle of New Orleans

Jackson fought in this battle, this battle was the last one of the war of 1812. Jackson managed to trap the British troops and confuse them. Andrew Jackson technically saved our country and he fought hard for us. He also proved that the United States of America could no longer be controlled by European countries, and that we were independent. The victory gave him overnight fame and he became very popular, this lead to him being president for 2 terms.

Killing the National Bank

President Jackson really hated the national bank so he tried to destroy it, and he was successful. He didn't want the poor and not wealthy Americans being taken over by the rich and wealthy people. So then he decided to kill the national bank because it was giving the rich people of America an advantage. All of Jackson's supporters called it the "monster bank". He disliked the National Bank more than any other bank ever.The bank had too much power and was not fair for all people. The bank was funding new types of buisnesses called corporations, Jackson did not want these at all.

Jackson and South Carolina

Jackson was serving as president at this time and he had sectional issues in office. Many southern states wished to preserve states rights, most of the Southern states were upset with the tariffs. Then South Carolina though that they had the right to rule something unconstitutional, but they didn't. South Carolina was fighting back, and Jackson going to use military force if he needed to, they were arguing a lot, and Jackson did not go down.