What is being done

By Samantha Duncan

Drinking and Driving, Texting and Driving

When MADD was founded in 1980, more than 21,000 people were killed in drunk driving crashes each year. Since then, they have been able to cut that deadly toll in half, but there is still more work to be done. Every 53 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash, every 90 seconds, someone is injured because of this entirely preventable crime. One-third of the drunk driving problem– comes from repeat offenders.Two-thirds of the drunk driving problem comes from people who, before they kill or injure themselves or others, have yet to be arrested.

Is there a bigger problem then drinking and driving and the answer to that is yes. Over the year our technology device has advanced. texting and driving has and is a big problem. Researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimate more than 3,000 annual teen deaths nationwide from texting and 300,000 injuries.

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Fortunately, driving accidents have been declining among young people, just as they have among the general population. And deaths associated with young drinking drivers (those 16 to 24 years of age) are down dramatically, having dropped 47% in a recent 15-year period. 4

In contrast to popular belief, drinking among young people is dropping and has been doing so for many years. For example, statistics demonstrate that within a period of about 20 years, the proportion of American high school seniors who

  • have ever consumed alcohol is down 13%
  • have consumed alcohol within the previous year is down 15%
  • have consumed alcohol within previous 30 days is down 27%
  • have recently consumed alcohol daily is down 67%
  • have "binged" (consumed 5 or more drinks on an occasion within previous two weeks) is down 24%
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