Pelion Middle Learning Commons

Fall 2017

How to Set Reading Goals With Your Students

In just a few days students will be setting personalized reading goals. Here are a few tips to help you and your students.

  1. Encourage students to set goals based on a topic they enjoy. This will allow them to branch out with their reading. For example, a student that enjoys football might enjoy sports fiction by Mike Lupica or Tim Green and then move on to biographies and sports poetry.
  2. Instead of focusing on a number of books read by a certain time frame, encourage students to set a reading goal that they work on each day. While aspiring to read ten books before the end of the school year is a worthy goal, a student will feel he or she is making more progress if he vows to set aside 15 minutes a day to read.
  3. Remind students that reading is not limited to books! Many of the best readers like to peruse magazines and blog posts. Encouraging students to set a new goal related to Newsela reinforces the idea that informational text is important.
  4. Struggling readers may want to create a goal that ties into a reading strategy. For example: "I will identify the main idea of each paragraph before moving on to another" or "I will slow down when I don't understand what I'm reading" are worthwhile goals that focus on process rather than completion.
  5. Celebrate your students' success! Giving a simple class shout-out to those who are taking steps to reach their goals is a huge motivator.

Copyright 101: What You Need to Know

Thursday, Nov. 30th, 8:45am-2:45pm

Learning Commons

As Carmen and Laura work towards goals of offering professional development, Join them as they discuss copyright in the classroom as well as other digital issues. We will meet during your PLC times.

What's New in the Learning Commons?

Shifting and Weeding!

In order for our students to be efficient users of information and strong readers, they need a library collection that is accurate, updated, and attractive. As we reach towards our ongoing goals, we will will continue to shift, weed, and purchase as many titles as possible. Compare the "before" photo on the left to to the "after" photos on the right.

First Quarter At a Glance

Number of Books Circulated: 3590 This number is up from 2100 last year! Students are reading more which means greater student achievement and development of reading skills.

Total Classes Receiving Instruction/Collaboration:101 This number has almost doubled from last year. More collaboration equals more individualized attention for students!

Class Checkouts: 98

Number of Single Visitors: 852

Mission and Vision

The Pelion Middle Learning Commons supports student achievement by serving as a center that is conducive to personalized learning, collaboration and creativity. As students develop new digital skills, discover their identity as a reader, and become self-directed, they become lifelong learners.