A Stolen Nation

Final Stand of the Hawaiian Kingdom


The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 wouldn't been possible without the help of President Cleveland and Minister Stevens. But came to an end with President McKinley in 1897.

Historical Significance

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 wouldn't been possible without Pres. Cleveland, Mins Stevens, and Pres McKinley because without the efforts of the presidents of that time Hawaii would have never stood a chance of being its own place to rule. I want the readers take away all the nice things about Hawaii and start to realize the impact of what foreign people have done to the Hawaiian culture, rich heritage, and way of living. I want them to take in that Hawaii does not have a nice history, and that it has a dark history behind it.

Is Hawaiii Legally And Lawfully A State Of The Union

No, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state because the Hawaiian islands were taken from them. Everything the Hawaiians had was stripped away, so how can U.S. say Hawaii is a state, when no proof of a treaty of annexation was present thus end the rule of the Hawaiian Kingdom that King Kamehameha I built during his conquest of Hawaii.

Supplemental Information

In the picture below, uncle Sam is carrying the Queen on a see saw, and below is the sugar that was regulated by the U.S during its time of need. Also not even the ruler of Hawaii could do anything about it to stop the U.S from taxing them for the sugar. While the Queen has no reaction and depicted as a big slob.
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