My Ideal vacation.

Welcome to San Andres island.

San Andres island.

In San Andres Island you can visit the different places, Its very beautiful and interesting, also you can taste delicious food.

Interesting places in san Andres island are.

Typical food.

In San Andres Island you can taste different typical food.

Maybe you should have some money to eat all.

For example:


You can't miss this delicious fillet fish with a mixture of seafood, cooked in coconut milk.

It's a good idea to eat with a typical cocktail of San Andres Island.

Fish ball:

Dish made with any type of fish, seasoned with tomato, onion, garlic, salt and spices.

You could eat it at any time of the day.

You should look if you are allergic to any type of fish to avoid problems.

Sunset Hotel

Located in the southwest of the beautiful island of San Andres, the Sunset Hotel & Spa offers its valued guests 16 comfortable rooms fully equipped and specially designed to enjoy a rest with comfort in harmony with nature and with the confidence that characterizes this part of the island.

Being located just steps from the exciting marine world, Sunset is the essential meeting place for lovers of diving it also has a comprehensive center for the practice of this activity.

Don't forget to take camera and take any photos of the best moments.


*Air conditioning

*Reservations san Andres Color TV

*Restaurant san Andres Restaurant and Bar

*Swimming pool for adults and children

*Swimming snorkel equipment rental

*Power plant and fresh water

Typical drinks.

You can drink alcoholic beverages, that are sold to adults (18 years of age) and are found everywhere around the island.

You can taste coconut water, or local beverages served in coconut shells.

For example: the cocoloco or cocofresa.

Also you can try typical cocktails of island.

Maybe you should drink with responsibility

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