How They Croaked

Anna Olesh

Julius Caesar

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  • Roman Statesman
  • Born and died in Rome, Italy
July 13, 100 BC- March 15, 44 BC (56 years old)
  • Author who wrote books about himself
  • Had a son with Cleopatra, Little Caesar (the pizza)
  • Forgave enemies instead of killing them


Caesar was born by getting cut out of his mother, Aurelia Cotta, with a knife. This procedure was then named after him, "Cesarean Section", giving him all the glory. That was what started his arrogance. Caesar was short and loved everything military. He survived 50 battles in far off lands, only to get killed in his home town. He and Cleopatra had a child together, Little Caesar. He was also a "nice dictator" and had all the power, but the senate did not like that. His 'best friend' convinced him to come to the Senate Hall on March 15, where all the members of the senate gathered around him and stabbed 23 times. Even though only one stab womb was fatal, Caesar collapsed to the floor and bled to death.

Disease; but not really a disease..

Caesar didn't die from a disease. The Senate wanted him gone, and gone fast. They stabbed him, 23 times, until he bled to death; and that was how Julius Caesar croaked.


  • He was a "nice dictator".
  • Cesarean Section was named after him.
  • First autopsy (examination of dead body) was preformed on him.
  • Made the Julian Calender, even though we use the Gregorian calender today.
  • Every Roman leader after him was named 'Caesar' somebody or other.
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  • Cesarean; medical birthing procedure, the baby is cut out of the stomach.
  • Triumvirate; group of three men holding power.
  • Conspirators; person who takes part in a conspiracy (plan).
  • Pleats (of tunics); double or multiple fold in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching the top or side.
  • Autopsy; examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death.

Medicine/treatment today

Caesar was stabbed 23 times. Doctor Antistius said that if it wasn't for the one stab in his chest (the only fatal one) he would have survived the other 22. They couldn't treat the stab womb. In today's medicine and technology, if you get stabbed, they can clean and treat it. Doctors can fix you up a lot easier, faster and better than they did in Ancient Roman times.