LiiNK Updates

Summer 2018

The LiiNK Team Wishes You a Fabulous Summer!

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Part of the LiiNK Team traveled to Clemson, South Carolina, to present findings on the project, build new relationships, and learn how play is transforming lives around the world. Click this link to view the presentations given by the LiiNK team.

Tips From the Top

Another school year is completed. The children are a year older. It’s time to enjoy your summer! Enjoy every minute by being spontaneous and setting some fun goals. Suggesting both is just like having structured and unstructured time in your schedule. You need to be able to put the tasks, work, taking care of others on hold for a minute and do something that wasn’t planned - just for you. If someone calls and says, “Let’s go visit a different town, or let’s go to this place I heard about for a day adventure, or let’s do a picnic,” be willing to say, “YES! Let’s do it.” You can also be the initiator. You also need to set a goal for the summer focused on play and social time. This will help you relax and rejuvenate, which in turn will help your family do the same. Being outside, before 10:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m., is good for the mind and body during the hottest part of the year. Be careful of the temperatures and ozone levels. Try to find places where kids and adults can play and have social time if you have a family. If not, enjoy places where you can enjoy your play time. Play can come in the form of exercise, games, meditation, and outdoor activities. Find something that makes you smile or laugh. I look forward to seeing everyone relaxed and rejuvenated in August. Have a playful summer!

Dr Rhea

Recess Highlights

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Unit 6 Main Idea & Learning Target

Improving yourself continually using social and emotional positive actions

Setting incremental goals and being persistent can help you reach your full potential.

Review all main ideas & learning targets for the remainder of the school year.

Connecting the Dots!

Connect with your child by asking him or her these questions about the Positive Action lessons:

Kindergarten: What does it mean to be persistent? Tell me about a time when you had courage.

First: How have you used positive actions to make yourself better? What improvements have you made in yourself? Why is it important to believe in yourself?

Second: What is self-improvement? How have you improved yourself this year?

Third: What do you want to learn to do better? How can you make that happen? What does it mean to have potential? How does your attitude affect your potential?

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Week 30) Forgiveness - To give up anger and resentment

Week 31) Self Improvement - To make yourself better by taking positive actions

Week 32) Goals - Dreams you want to reach

Week 33) Potential - The power to do

Week 34) Courage - A willingness to ace problems or fear

Week 35) Opportunities - Chances to improve

Week 36) Persistence - To move step-by-step toward a goal

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This summer, can your family commit to 15-minutes a day spent in nature? When we spend time outdoors, our immune systems are strengthened, our bodies become less stressed through a parasympathetic response, and overall we just feel better! With the summer heat, make sure to wear wicking clothing and have a water bottle handy. Let's PLAY!
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Recommended Read:

Check out Brain Rules by John Medina. With this book, you will learn more about these main concepts:

  • Every brain is wired differently
  • Exercise improves cognition
  • We are designed to never stop learning and exploring
  • Stress changes the way we learn
Thanks to Candice Williams-Martin for gathering parts of this newsletter!