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Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ Another busy week in the books! The kids took the second CML competition of the year. Those will be reviewed and returned next Friday. During the upcoming week we’ll tackle the final part of Module 3; double-digit by double-digit multiplication! The plan is to review Module 3 in class on Thursday and test Friday, December 9th. Then on to Module 4! In Friday Folders, you’ll find many corrected exit tickets, a reviewed MO competition, and a topic quiz. There are only a handful of kids who are correcting exit tickets. It’s a great way to improve grades!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have been working on multiplying 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using a variety of strategies and in word problems. The children have found a strategy that they like best and I encourage them to do what they feel most comfortable using. We began division this week using simple grouping diagrams and arrays. We will move towards applying the traditional division algorithm and a partial quotients method. Again, the children can use which ever strategy works best for them. I explained to the kids that if they have their multiplication facts down solid, they will breeze through division, so any continued practice at home with basic multiplication facts would be appreciated.

Mr. Lawton's Class ~ In math we have finished up our exploration of area and perimeter. We are moving on to multiplication strategies and will soon be starting with division. In order to help the students with the math in the lessons practicing multiplication facts will be very helpful. They all have a multiplication table in their binders. If you have any questions on strategies please let me know.


Tomorrow is the kick-off to PAWS! The students will be writing an opinion piece weekly. This assignment requires the students to write three paragraphs; an introduction, a paragraph full of explanation, and a conclusion. This week we are working through all the steps of planning, drafting, editing, and final copy in the classroom. Next week, some of this work may have to be done at home depending how your child uses his/her time in the classroom. Parents are welcome to edit beginning next week too!

Our focus will be on short stories and articles during small group instruction for the next three weeks. We are going to review summarizing and other skills from the beginning of the year.

The integrated ELA/social studies work is focused on the Manhattan Purchase as we make our way through history towards the study of Colonial America!


The snail pull was a lot of fun! Check out the picture below and be sure to ask your 4th grader about the experiment.
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Holiday Happenings

On Monday, December 19th, we'll spend the morning making ornaments! Please use the link below if you're interested in helping that morning. We'll be crafting from 9-11:30ish! If needed, we can finish up in the afternoon. The kids will be painting and using those fine motor skills! I'm asking each child to contribute $3 towards the cost of supplies. Thank you for your continued support!

Our party will take place on Friday, December 23rd. Look for a sign-up genius for the party in the next newsletter.

Attending concerts will be part of our routine over the next few weeks. We'll have the chance to watch the 5th grade band, orchestra, and chorus perform.


Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week. Ensembles meet Tuesday and lessons are on Wednesday!

Dates to Remember

December 7th - Evening Parent Conferences

December 19th - Ornament Workshop

December 23rd - Holiday Party

January 3rd - School Resumes