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Staff Update

Can you's February?

Math K12

Julie Lublin, Director of Instruction and Personnel facilitated a daylong meeting with Math teachers K-12 to discuss the alignment of curriculum last week.

The opportunity to get together district-wide is rare, but was definitely needed to check-in on curriculum alignment. This was a worthwhile day as we spent time exploring expectations for students K-12 and the concepts taught in each grade.

Our math colleagues do a phenomenal job ensuring that our students gain the necessary skills they need to be successful at the next grade level.

The K-12 Math teachers will be spending time with their grade-level colleagues continuing to map the curriculum for each grade/course. This is important and valuable work and helps us in our continuous improvement efforts.

Our colleagues shared that they have an interest in exploring professional development opportunities which focus on learning targets and the work of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset.

Martian Cart!

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to GHS Special Education Teacher, AMY POSEY who submitted a grant application to MAASE (Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education) for a Mini Grant.

"Martian Cart (Coffee Business)" has been chosen as 1 of the 10 winners from the 56 applications. Amy will be receiving a confirmation letter and a check for $500.

Amy plans to purchase a new laptop for her Career and Life Skills and Study Skills classes. Thank you to the high school staff members who have helped to support not only this exceptional learning program but our students who run it.


DOGS at Reid

The first Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) happened last week. During the last community meeting, the students were told to expect to see some “dads” in the building- they were showed the Watch D.O.G.S t-shirt and were told about the program.

Mr. Overland, the D.O.G.S for the day, helped at morning buses, helped in the halls, at lunch and recess and visited several classrooms to read and work with small groups of students.

First thing in the morning you could hear the students chattering in the halls – “We have a Watch Dog today”, “The Watch Dog is here”, and “I saw him”!

One of our teachers commented “It was like Mickey Mouse was in the building”! Mr. Overland seemed to walk around all day with a “perma-smile”. He also commented after helping out in art class “it’s amazing how in each class I visit they have all these kids under control and they are so on task. I can’t even handle 10 at my kids birthday party.”

Another bonus to the program is the positive support for Reid staff and what they do every day in educating students. I can’t give enough thanks to the Foundation Grant process for funding to get this started, Mrs. Kylene Toepper for getting it off the ground, and the Reid Staff for being so open to the idea! It truly takes a VILLAGE and ours just grew in a wonderful way!

Thank you to Mrs. Millerschin, Mrs. Toepper, and staff for their work in bringing such a great initiative to Reid!

Instructional Rounds at Oaktree

I am really excited to share that our first session of Instructional Rounds at the elementary level was facilitated by Mr. Relken last Monday at Oaktree. He did a fabulous job and our administrative team was divided into two smaller groups. We took turns observing Mrs. Mellendorf, Mrs. Stickney, Mrs. Eickhoff and Mrs. Tomblinson.

We were able to focus on two domains of the Teacher Evaluation rubric and provide feedback. As a team, our goal is to focus on student engagement and learning during our debriefing. Each building administrator will be following up with each teacher and providing feedback.

The work our teachers do each day with students is amazing! Mrs. Tomblinson does a marvelous job conferencing with students and creating an opportunity for them to expound on their own understanding of concepts and to demonstrate competencies. Mrs. Eickhoff in Special Education was masterful at creating smooth and seamless transitions and while she was re-teaching some concepts for students who struggle with math, it was energetic and inspiring. Mrs. Mellendorf was in the midst of a new unit in Science and with 21 students in class, she had 11 students interacting and answering questions during the anticipatory set of the experiment. I also learned; do not eat sugar cubes after 500 people have touched them! Mrs. Stickney was working with some of our struggling readers and facilitated conversations to focus on decoding strategies.

Kelly Alford has been nominated for a Golden Apple

A teacher from Oaktree has been nominated for a Golden Apple Award!! Voting is now posted online at!! Voting will continue through Monday, February 29th.

1) Get the school involved and remind them to vote often
2) Make posters and banners
3) Include in morning announcements, school board and school website.
4) Let your local papers know
5) Get your city involved
6) Use Facebook & Twitter! Share the link

Voting is UNLIMITED and every vote counts!

Tune in on Wednesday March 9th to "FOX66 News at 10" for the announcement of the winning teacher! The winner will receive a FOX66 Golden Apple Award and will be recognized for their tremendous work on FOX66 throughout March!
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