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Success…It’s a Mindset!

When high school Principal Ross Thibault took the reins last year he encouraged staff to embrace the motto Success…It’s a Mindset! To inspire a success focused mindset he purchased T-shirts printed with the slogan, implemented a book study and initiated the Pineapple Chart model of professional development; a system that inspires teachers to invite one another into their classrooms to observe their practices. The focus on nurturing a mindset that promotes growth, innovation, collaboration and ultimately success continues this year, not only in the high school, but across the district.

Witnessing our elementary principals present their school improvement plans and recognizing the high school for being named a National Banner School during Monday’s school committee meeting confirmed a commitment to success and eagerness to maintain a mindset that results in significant accomplishments. As I take note of our teachers’ increased presence on social media where they share stories of risk taking and highlight students’ efforts and achievements, observe risk taking in classrooms and enjoy the energy our staff expends planning and implementing fun events such as the upcoming Quinn Color Run or the Middle School Family Night, I am thrilled. Each one of these overt actions, demonstrates a growth mindset dedicated to increasing learning opportunities, enhancing relationships and ensuring student success.

This is difficult and necessary work but it is spectacular when we see the results. Athletes cheering on teammates, a standing ovation at the play, a child smiling because he is learning to read, a graduation ceremony, an art student winning a competition, or the high school being recognized for its Unified Athletic program and embracing a culture of inclusiveness! These are examples of the awesome things that happen when a team rows in the same direction. Remember! Success….it’s a mindset!

DESE Standards Navigator

Dese has launched a new Standards Navigator. It is a vastly improved (and mobile-device-compatible!) version of the now-retired Curriculum Frameworks Search. The Navigator presents the state's academic and vocational-technical standards in a dynamic, searchable format with links from specific standards to relevant resources such as student work samples, quick reference guides, and definitions of terms. Take a look - the resources and student work maybe be worth unpacking during a PLC!

Kindness Matters

Standards in Action!

Grade 5 students are diving into the essential questions, What is the Scientific Method? How are characteristics of a substance changed when exposed to different environmental forces? Students shared their experiment conclusion on lab reports demonstrating their knowledge of matter changing.

Summer Math and Reading at DMS

Establishing a community of readers and mathematicians is a year long endeavor. When the students returned from summer break, they shared what they read over they summer in reading book talks. In small groups, they discussed thoughts and favorite quotes, ultimately creating a visual representation of their collaborative book chats.

This summer students at Dartmouth Middle School completed a summer Sumdog challenge. Students who participated in the challenge at an exemplary level will receive certificates of achievement along with recognition with in their classroom. We had a terrific participation rate for our first ever school wide summer math program. Notably we had approximately 15 students complete 14 hours or more of Sumdog over the summer. Research has shown that students lose math fluency during the summer months. The summer math program helps students to maintain or improve their math skills, making them better prepared to take on the challenges of a new school year. Congratulations to all those students who received recognition for exemplary participation in the Sumdog summer math challenge.

Family Guide to Standards

DESE also released Family Guides to the Standards. They are designed to facilitate content-rich communication and collaboration between schools and students' families. Available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese (simplified characters), the guides articulate grade-level expectations for ELA/literacy, math, and STE (HSS coming in 2019) in accessible, jargon-free terms. They also include conversation starters for home and school.

Special Olympics Fundraiser

The Special Olympics of Massachusetts is running their annual Calendar Raffle Fundraiser for the month of December. $10 per ticket and one winner each day! The proceeds from this fundraiser go towards our district's trip to the Boston Special Olympics!

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket please e-mail/see Michael Capello, Stefanie Melo at Quinn or Kristen Baptista at the High School.

Unified Champion School

Congratulations to Dartmouth High School for receiving National Banner recognition as it has been named a Unified Champion School by Special Olympics. in meeting the required 10 criteria relative to inclusiveness and more, the high school has demonstrated what it means to work together to foster a community that embraces differences and ensures all are welcome and supported. DHS is 1 of 10 schools in MA and 131 schools nationally to receive this distinction. A special thank you to the Unified Athletics coaches, Mike Capello, John Breault and Kristen Baptista, who have played a huge role relative to promoting an inclusive school and community spirit.

DHS College Fair

Dartmouth High School Guidance Department hosted it's first annual post secondary planning fair on Tuesday, September 18th. Over ninety colleges, universities, training programs and all branches of the military were in attendance. Representatives reported DHS students came prepared with great questions and engaged in active conversations. Overall, the day was a tremendous success for the school community.

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DESE Curriculum Heat Maps

Check out DESE curriculum heat maps! See what curricula materials districts across Massachusetts are using. These maps are designed to facilitate collaboration among educators. Interested in making some connections with other districts, e-mail Tracy Oliveira to start develop some conversations with other districts.

Quinn Color Run and Community Fun Fest

Saturday, Oct. 6th, 9:30am

529 Hawthorn Street

Dartmouth, MA

Check in at 9:30 - Run starts at 11:00

All proceeds provide activities for Quinn School Students

Register today at secure.gatactivefundraising.com

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Resource and Craft Fair

Sunday, Oct. 28th, 10am-12pm

555 Bakerville Road

Dartmouth, MA

This blood drive happening through the day, as part of a larger Southeastern MA Community Resource Fair Community Resource and Craft Fair. Lots of fun stuff happening, for you to check out, before or after you donate blood. Door Prizes, Wellness Van, Face painting, Free to Enter and Fun for the whole family!
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Staff Spotlight

Name: Jamie Guile

School/Postion: DMS - Engineering Technology

Hometown: Schenectady, NY

Education: SUNY Oswego - Education, BSU – Instructional Tech.

One goal I have achieved in my career so far that I feel most satisfied about: Adapting. Continually adapting my approach and curricula to prepare our students for their futures.

A long term goal I am working toward: Continued redesign of our engineering classrooms into increasingly engaging, workshop-type spaces.

Role model or someone who has had a great impact on my life: My sons

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be: Ireland.

Favorite leisure time activity: Snowboarding

Favorite movie: High Fidelity

Favorite book: Walden, or Life in The Woods

I think the world’s greatest invention is: The Internet

My favorite motto or saying: It all comes out in the wash.

What I like best about working at DPS: Working with such great colleagues in a smaller community.