My Egg Car Project

By; Berniece McCorkindale


How can I make an egg car that when you drive it, and it hits the wall the egg will not break?


I think that I can make a car that when it hits the wall it will not break. Some stuff I might use is an egg carton, and maybe some washers for the wheels if they do not weight that much. I am going to have to like strap it down so it doesn't fly out. It can't be that hard though because it might break. I am going to put some soft stuff around it.

Background knowlege

Speed-It is how fast it is going and speed=distance/time.

Force-It is measured in Newtons.

Inertia-It is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion.

Acceleration-It is the rate of change of velocity of an object.

Friction-It is the resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces. Stuff sliding against each other.

Momentum-The quantity of motion of a moving body. Measured as a product of its mass and velocity.

Potential Energy-Potential energy is when it has no energy and not moving.

Kinetic energy-That means you have a lot of Energy and you are up and moving.


First, I found these styrofoam blocks and a toy that has a wheel and axle. I had to take the wheels off of the toy. Then, I had to find this grinder thing and it cuts through any thing you have to cut. We had to make holes for the wheels. We had to measure before I started to cut into it. It took a couple try's and then I got the hang of it. So when I was done I had to find a plastic egg and find six quarters to put in it. I had to measure how big the egg was and then I carved the inside of it. I found a pencil I don't need and cut it with the grinder and stick them in the holes so when you put the styrofoam together it would keep it on straight. Finally, I got to decorate the car for fun.
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I was wrong about what I was going to use. I ended up using styrofoam blocks. All of my speeds were good and when I crashed into the wall it was safe. I really had doing this project.
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