Did containment of communism work?

Made by: Nathan Lawyer

In the 1900's the U.S wanted to contain communism, communism is living under s classless society. The U.S was worried that if one country fell to communism the other around the area would follow, it was called the domino theory.

Mao Zedong was a communist leader in china. He led the communist red army. Mao Zedong and his army of 100,000 were forced out of southern China, 6,000 miles to west. Mao lost 93,000 troops but gained support from many farmers along the way, they helped lead the communist revolution after WW11, known as the long march.

Mao Zedong wanted more factories and production of goods and services. Mao thought that farmers will be able to do the job, to produce steel and work in factories. Since he used the farmers for production there was no one to grow crops causing a good shortage

Mao Zedong wanted a communist state, he wanted people of china to focus on communism. During the cultural revolution, he banned all religions and for people to forget about the past china. He made laws that banned all religions, anyone who disobeyed the communist law were either punished or killed

North Korea wanted to control South Korea and spread communism. The United nations (mostly U.S troops) felt the need to come to the aid of south Korea and fight against the communist forces of North Korea. The war went back and forth of both forces, land was taken from south korea then retaken by the united nations counter forces. The Korean war was known as the seesaw war, as you know a seesaw go's up and down and the war went back and forth. the war ended in stalemate and armistice, neither side surrendered. Since the war was just going back and forth, they were just tired of fighting. North Korea and south Korea were split evenly at the 38th parallel, communism stayed in the north. that was are main goal, to not led it spread.

ho chi minh and his viet minh were communist forces in vietnam, vietnam wanted self-rule for their country. the viet minh defeated the french but the war still went on until 1975. the southern part of vietnam did not want to become a communist state, the U.S did want communism to spread. North Vietnamese attacked U.S navy ships, that allowed congress to support to send troops to vietnam. the U.S citizens did not think that this was are war and we should have no participation in it. the U.S was loosing troops and was recruiting young men into the army, the viet minh used guerrilla tactics (dirty warfare). the vietnamization was a policy of turning over control of the war to south Korea while the U.S troop withdrew. Vietnam became a communist state and still is today.

the U.S wanted to contain communism and stop it from spreading across to other places. The U.S successfully stop communism in south Korea, north Korea was stopped at the spot they were before. communism today mainly is in south east Asia except for Cuba, containing communism is based on your view of containing communism. To me containing communism was not allowing it to spread to the U.S , we left Vietnam due to many causalities and drafting of young men, there was no support from U.S citizens. communism today is contained and only in 5 countries, are main goal was to keep it in one place of the world and not let it spreads to others.