Clothes Vocabulary


Fashion show

Students make a fashion show setting, they bring clothes to school and we have a fashion show. One student is the model and the other is commenting what she/he is wearing. Make videos and upload them to wevideo.

Washing Line

Have students cut out some clothing items out of paper. Use a washing line and pegs to hung their projects.

You can play this game in a variety of ways.The teacher can describe the items individually to be found and hung up.


Some items can be hung up and the children are asked to find the matching piece of clothing.

Take photos and make a scrapbook with

Clearance Sale

Practice clothes shopping role plays with real clothes. Ask the students to bring clothes to school. First, prepare the items by giving each a price tag – you can have this ready beforehand, or ask your students to help you. Students take turns buying and selling items. Record the dialogues and upload to souncloud, you can even upload a photo of the purchase.