Stella & Dot Stylists

September has been a busy month!!

Hello Fellow Stylists!

September has been a BUSY month for our team...I am so proud of each and every one of you! There are so many things to be excited about - our new fall line, getting ramped up after our "Fire Up Your Fall" boot camp training, new stylists and the best - making money while sharing the SDJOY with other women (Oh, and drinking of my favorite activities!)

Only one of you know the magic of the fall - so for all of you newbies - gear up. Fall is AMAZING in the world of Stella. Last November, I had my BIGGEST month ever - $6,064 in SALES. (At 30% commission, plus a extra $100 in "Stellar Seller" can do the math). ;) So....get ready to THRIVE ladies! People LOVE getting their Christmas shopping out of the way, and what better way than to do it at a fun trunk show?!

Now...back to all you amazing ladies. Since so much has happened on our team, I want to make sure everyone knows everyone!

Jen Ebert - Jen is a sales guru for her full time gig, and travels for work....she is also preggers and getting ready to have her little baby girl in November - talk about exciting! I am sure she will be ready to get back in action and have some "mommy time" once that sweet girl comes!

Sara Alvarado - Sara is a CNA, momma of 3 and a rock star. She jumped right in, and sponsored Liza McDonald during her jumpstart - can you say "hell yeah?!" She is also my cousin, so that makes her even more awesome. ;) (She also lives in Bloomington/Normal, IL, so hopefully you will all get to meet her one day).

Jenn Zahn - Jenn is a former Stella stylist, who got out of the biz, we met at a networking event for our "real jobs" (borrringg....) and she was so excited to jump back in the saddle. So excited that she sponsored Sara Speer before she was even half way into her jumpstart! She also has a high schooler, so stays very busy!

Liza McDonald - I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Liza yet, since she lives in Bloomington/Normal with Sara, but I am so excited to have her on the team! She is a working mama of 3, and from what I hear from Sara, she is going to make an AMAZING stylist!

Sara Speer - I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Sara yet either, but can't wait to! She is a momma of 3, a flight attendant for Southwest and loves KU Basketball...With all those contacts she will have wearing her Stella & carrying her Stella bags while in and out of airports, no doubt she is going to SOAR at this business!

So - there you have it! Sorry for the novel - I am going to start doing these monthly to give shout outs, offer incentives and just keep everyone connected. Our team kinda exploded over the last month, so I need to start working on a team name too!

With that, I leave you with this....

Don't forget - this business is about spreading the JOY, and fitting into YOUR own personal life. You can flex in, and flex out...and that's the best thing about this company, unlike others. It gives women the means to style their own lives.

Speaking of incentives...let's finish September STRONG!!! Who doesn't want extra money for holiday shopping (for yourself or judging here) ;) SO, book in tight and book ONE more (or your launch show!) show for September! If you sell over $1,000 before the end of September, I will send you a pair of studs for your display...your choice! I will offer incentives over the next 3 months to earn extra product for your book it up and stay tuned!

Have a great rest of your weekend all!