Play, Learn, and Grow in 4K

January 25, 2019


We are continuing to learn our letter sounds and are now listening for the beginning sounds in words. This week during circle time we sorted pictures by "the first sound we hear on our lips". We are also learning all about polar animals! Reading nonfiction books with REAL pictures is so much fun! We are discovering all kinds of neat facts, like what they eat, where they live and why some animals are camouflage. We are also learning new words like prey and predator.


We are continuing to learn all about measurement. Last week the children practiced measuring objects around the classroom with a friend. This week we used unifix cubes to measure winter pictures. We practiced how to line up our cubes next to an object and then count to see how long or tall it is.

Super Friends

Next week we will begin to learn all about what it means to be a Super Friend. When we have a problem we can use one of our "super powers" to solve the problem. Using nice words, sharing, walking away or getting a teacher all can help us to solve social problems. Super Friends also have a top secret way of solving problems. First, we STOP, then we THINK and then we ACT. I will be on the look out for Super Friends around the classroom.

Volunteer in the Classroom

I have shared a link below to the classroom volunteer calendar. Assisting in the classroom is a great way to get involved and to learn what your child's school day is like. You can choose to stay for the whole class session or if it works better for your schedule you can just stop by to be a special story time reader. While in the classroom I may have a special project for you or I may just have you interacting and playing with the kids. Please sign up for a date and time that works best for you.

4K Volunteer Schedule

Before your first time volunteering you have to complete a background check with the school district. Here is a link for the background check:

School District of Waukesha Background Check

I look forward to and appreciate any time you can share!

Important Dates

Friendship Party: Thursday, February 14th

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Thursday, February 21st - 4:30-8:00pm

Wednesday, February 28th - 4:30-8:00pm

Friday, March 1st 12:00-4:00