Pablo Picasso

presented by: Natasha Qualley

The Begining of Pablo Picasso's Life

On October 25th 1881 in Malaga in southern Spain, an art teacher and his wife had a baby boy. When Pablo was a little older, his mother said his first words were PIZ! PIZ! Pablo Picasso was named after many Saints and Relatives and he had two older sisters named Conchita and Lola . When he was thirteen he had his first art show . By then , his father saw that Pablo painted better then he could so he gave him all his brushes and paints and he never painted again . And he was a great artist ,he was artistic ,skilled, creative . When he was fifteen him and his family moved to Barcelona, an exciting city full of artist .

Bad luck

One of his best friend tried t hurt his girl friend and then he shoot himself and he died and that that had seat off depredation and he had started to paint in black and blue and gray and must of them were of his friend and that lasted until 1901-1904 then he moved between Barcelona and Paris .He lived in cheap hotels and run down apartments also he shared one apartment with Max Jacob , a poet they could only afford one bed so Pablo slept in it in the day and max slept in it at night , a habit stayed with him for the rest of his life .

Happiness Again

He had snapped out of his blue period and then he fell in love with a girl named Fernande Oliver . His happiness showed in his paintings. This time in Pablo's life was sometimes called Rose Period, but his paintings had many colors . Not just pinks. They lived in a big, run-down apartment building that was full of artist and poets. Their room was damp and mess with lots of projects going on. They had a big , yellow dog named Frika , and they kept a pet mouse in a dresser drawer. Pablo liked to work at night by a oil lamp . He often worked until five or six the morning. By 1909 , was becoming well-known . His paintings were different , but people were buying them . He and Fernande moved into a fancier house. They hired a maid .They spent the summer with Braque in an old villa in the mountains. Then he and Fernande broke up. He said " Your beauty held me , but I could not stand of your little ways." Soon after He found a new girlfriend , named Eva He liked to paint pictures of her. They painted pictures together . Then Fernande got sick and died .

Falling in love again and again

First he meet a girl named Olga. He married her years later. Back in Paris , Olga introduced Pablo to high society. They went to formal balls and to fancy resorts. Olga was a snob, she kept Pablo away from old friends and he went along with it. They had a kid named Paulo. Paulo painted his wife and son together in new styles. Unfortunately, Pablo's marriage to Olga was falling apart, they lived on separate floors in the same house. Pablo said his last month with Olga was a nightmare. He meet a new woman in Paris named Dora , it was love at first sight . They had a baby named Marie . They got married latter in life . He had eight wifes and four kids.

Pots and Pans

He meet another woman and they got married and they had two kids and their names were his son Claude and a daughter named Paloma ( which means " Dove ") .He got so famous that he and his wife and kids had to move to a secret . In 1953, when Pablo was seventy-one years old . Dora left him . He couldn't believe it! However , on April 8, 1973.Pablo's heart gave out ,the doctor said that his last words were " You were wrong not to be married. It's useful. That was Pablo Picasso, surprising to end !!