Newsletter Week 5 Term 4 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville - November 15th

Principal's Message

Nau mai, haere mai St Joseph’s Whanau

Term 4 continues to move forward at a pace and our children are shining in their learning. Congratulations to the Core Values Award recipients for this week.

Thank You: we would like to thank Bowers Brothers Concrete for their kind donation of sand and delivery for the long jump pit. Nice soft landing now. Very much appreciated Bowers.

Senior Camp: Year 7 & 8 students, parents and teachers returned from the Rotorua Senior Camp still buzzing from the experience, but also drained of energy. A great time was had by all, both in learning new things and learning more about themselves. Well done, one and all.

We do note that a couple students and a parent have since contracted Covid-19. All parents are encouraged to monitor their children's health and if any Covid-19 symptoms arise, please test, advise the school, and take appropriate action so that the spread of this disease is restricted.

Relationship Based Learning: The Principal and DP were out of the school at the end of last week to attend this Kahui Ako provided Professional Learning opportunity. Relationship Based Learning will be a focus for all teachers in 2023.

This Week:

Scripture Reading Festival: On Wednesday the finalist will be taking part in the Years 3 to 8 Scripture Reading Festival.

Athletics Day: will be this week on Thursday from 9:30am to 2:45pm. All are welcome to join us for this event where children can demonstrate their coordination and skills.

Catholic School Principals Conference: The Principal will be in Gisborne Wednesday to Friday to attend this conference where Principals are updated on developments that affect their schools.

Whole School Mass: Will be on this Sunday 9:00am. We encourage all students and their family members to attend this special once-a-term occasion. It is an important time to meet together as a community and to worship together.

Next Week:

District Inter-School Athletics meet: is on Tuesday 22nd November at the Morrinsville College. Teams attending will be advised.

A prayer for the coming week:

Dear Lord

We give you thanks for your great love.

We thank you for the gift of being in Your family.

We ask that we might grow in our love and knowledge of You.

We ask for the confidence to share Your love with others.


Every blessing and have a great week.

Paul Cooper

Relieving Principal

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Purple Mufti Day THIS FRIDAY

This Friday we are holding a St Josephs School Wear Purple Day to show our support for Epilepsy New Zealand.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which effects 1 in 100 people who will have recurrent seizures or ‘epilepsy’. There are over 48,000 people in New Zealand who live with Epilepsy.

If people understand Epilepsy, then the quality of life for someone living with it will improve without stigma or discrimination.

So this Friday, show your support - WEAR PURPLE and bring along a Gold Coin Donation

Thank You for Showing You Care

Congratulations to our CORE value certificate recipients

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Recognising Students Classroom Achievements. Well Done Everyone

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Start Collecting : Helping to Spread the Christmas Smiles

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Please Return School Issued Sports Uniforms URGENTLY

Can all school issued sports uniforms from the various sports held over the past year, please be returned URGENTLY BY THURSDAY. Students to please return washed items into the container in the student foyer. Thank you in advance.

Everyone Needs A Good Friend : Writing from Akonga Hub

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Reflection shared from Jemma Van Eijk, DRS

The Gospel on Sunday was one that fits well with our Core Value of Whakapono - Faith.

Having faith is always trusting that God is there no matter what happens in your life.

Sometimes this is harder than it sounds and many struggle each day to find the ray of hope or the grace of God in their lives.

When we are faced with hardship, natural disasters, loss, or events that make us feel sad and angry, reaching out to God is often pushed aside as for just a moment we feel alone. However in time we realise that in fact God was right there with us, carrying us through the rough patch. Sometimes the reconnection to God takes a day, others may take a month or longer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is the journey and the faith that is built along the way. As long as we continue to place our trust in God then he will always be there.

As we draw closer to Christmas and everyone starts to feel the stress of the season upon them, just remember to take a moment to sit and just be with God. Say a little prayer - Let go and Let God handle the rest.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

See you all at our Parish / School Mass on Sunday at 9am.

Have a safe and blessed week

Aroha Mai

Mrs V L

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Upcoming Events

  • Scripture Reading Festival - Wednesday, Nov 16th
  • School Athletics Day- Thursday, Nov 17th
  • Whole School Mass - Sunday, Nov 20th
  • District Athletics - Tuesday, Nov 22nd
  • Catholic Inter-school Athletics - Monday, Nov 28th
  • Junior Trip - December 8th
  • Friday, Dec 9th - Yr 8 Leavers Dinner
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