Weekly Notes

January 17-23

Focus of the Week: Patience

Monday, January 18

No Students- MLK Day

PD at Vandy (see email from Harmon from this past week)

Tuesday, January 19

Maurus @RESA AM (Hrit on call)

Carver/Maurus meeting @11:00

Staff Meeting 4-5:30

JCC Meeting-Cat Paulisin attending

Wednesday, January 20

PBIS @ 8:00 AM (if needed)

Leadership Lunch @ 12:00PM

Thursday, January 21

Friday, January 22

Kopy/Maurus Meeting @ 11AM

Woodham/Maurus Meeting @ 11:30AM

Top 40 Dance Party 6:00-8:00PM

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 8

ISS: 0!!!

OSS: 0!!!

Send Home: 0!!!

Trends/Hot Spots: Mostly classroom issues that were solved before escalating.

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Just to bring you up to speed...

One of my favorite ways of thinking about staffing comes form a book (and for the life of me, I can't remember which one it is), which is about getting the right people onto the right bus and then getting the right people into the right seats on the right bus.

With the brainpower of Carver and Maurus (more Carver than Maurus), we were able to shift some things around so that we could have more money available to bump up our people portion of the budget. We had enough for an extra person three hours per day! Woot Woot!

This week, Margaret McEhleron will be sitting in another seat on the Jefferson bus and coming onto the Title team every morning until her monitoring starts at noon. She isn't able to do the afternoons, as she has to pick up her daughter from school after her lunch shift.

Margaret is definitely the right person for the job, as she plans on staying with us for a long time, and she is an excellent staff member (just look at the fabulous landscaping she did at the front of the building). Her rapport with the students is stellar and she is well respected by staff and students alike.

Josh Paulisin will be joining first grade again in Woodham's class. Josh has done a great job doing interventions and is very excited to get back to his kiddies in first grade, as he has missed them a great deal (and vice versa) in the last couple of months since Silvia left.

Jessica Vega will be moving into the support position that Josh was in. Jessica has prior experience teaching preschool and has done an excellent job so far this year with small group interventions in first grade.

I'm excited to make some of these movements on the Jefferson Bus! Let's give our Title staff our support as they move into new territory this week!

Muse-ic is Back!

Linda Muse is working at Vandenberg on Tuesdays second semester, therefore we are not able to keep the same special schedule for second semester and just flip-flop art with music. There are some minor modifications being made to the speical's schedule, 3rd-5th grade Spanish schedule, and Lisa Hrit's Friday morning schedule, which will be shared at the staff meeting on Tuesday.

End of the Quarter Updates:

  • Please be sure all students in 2nd-5th have taken the i-Ready and SRI by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 27th. Be sure to coordinate with Michelle van Well to send students to the media center to make-up these tests if they were absent.
  • 2nd through 5th grade teachers - Please send Lisa Hrit DRA scores for students who were in RED ONLY on the end of 2nd quarter SRI by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 27th. Remember: Cacey and Emilie will DRA the students they see for language arts. Please do the complete version of the DRA and keep the paper in the student's blue folder. This information will be useful to us in grouping students at the data meeting as well as for intervention meetings and conferences the following week.
  • Data Meetings to determine 3rd quarter workshop/intervention groups will be Thursday, January 28. Please look for the schedule to be emailed and posted soon.
  • Intervention Meetings are Monday, February 1st and Tuesday, February 2nd to give teachers the opportunity to discuss concerns with students who are not making academic and/or behavior progress despite tier 2/3 interventions. Classroom teachers will sign up for a time slot by student at the data meetings. While this is a tight schedule with conferences February 3rdand 4th, it is important we have these conversations before so we know what needs to be communicated to families at conferences.

RESA Network Downtime

They are scheduled for 8AM on the 24th. The window where it will be anticipated to be down is 8AM until 4PM. They are working to get done earlier that day, but we'll just have to wait and see for that day.

On April 24th, there will be another network downtime from 8AM-4PM as well.

Just letting you know this ahead of time because both downtimes are at the end of the card marking and might impact you if you are working on report cards those days.

Upcoming Watch DOGS

None for this week.