By: Zavier Roberts

What you will learn.

today I will be teaching you about places to start basketball for beginners or people who already play. I will also be telling you about dribbling and shooting drills to go to improve your skills, also the proper way to shoot a basketball.

Where to start basketball.

A place to start off with basketball is a basketball camps or you can get a personal trainer. This is not only for beginners lots of people who have played basketball for a long time come to attend these. With a basketball camp there is a large group of people so they deal with skills that will help everyone. With a personal trainer it's one on one training so you the skills that your learn are made at your skill level in increase depending on how quick you learn. The things that personal trainers teach are usually more advanced. It all depends on what you are looking to start out with and how much you are willing to pay. But no matter what you choose you need to practice. A basketball camp you can go to is at the university of Michigan, they have a variety of different programs such as player development team camp and junior wolverine camps etc.

dribbling drills

Second I will be talking to you about dribbling drills that you can do. Some drills you can do are ball slaps to help get you ready for the work out, up and down fingertips, go around you head waist and knees with the ball, figure 8s. Next would be one leg 2 leg with this you would take the ball around one leg the around 2 legs and then around the opposite leg. You can also do drops,”the aim is to drop the ball between your legs (only a few inches off the ground), let it bounce once, then take both hands behind your legs before catching it.” You also want to make sure you dribble the ball hard, this makes it harder for the defender to steal the ball and it gets the ball back to your hand quicker. There are many other ball had eking drills you can do to help, all you need to do is just go online and look some up. These drills are meant to improve you ball handling and dribble faster.

Shooting drills and the proper form.

When shooting a basketball your shooting should be in a strait line to the rim with it bent at a little less then 90 degrees. Next Your fingers should be spread across the ball and a comfortable position for you. and the are that you don't shoot with should be on the side of the ball. The rest will be explained in the video. Some shooting drills you can do is the hop or 1-2 step, one hand shooting drills. This will be explained in the video. There are many other drills you can do but i just named a couple.