Welcome to India

Many things to do, many places to go


Have you ever had so much fun, you didn't want that moment to end? If you go to India, you'll feel the same way! There are many things to do. One of the best mountain ranges in the world is there in India; the Hindu Kush. Those mountains will bring you a great view of the beautiful earth. For goodness sake, it's neighbor is the Himalayas! The Himalayas have the largest mountain in the world; Mt. Everest. Getting to the top of Mt. Everest will show you the whole world. But, if you're not interested in mountain kinda stuff, there is always the Arabian Sea. Swimming in the Arabian Sea is like swimming in liquid gold. There are tropical rain forests, seas, mountains, and more! All of India is a great adventure, it's up to you to explore it.
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India has nearly 90,000 types of animals including over 350 mammals, 1,200 bird species and 50,000 plant species. Unique animals like the Male Asian Elephant, Asiatic Lion, Indian Rhinoceros, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Bengal Tiger, Macaque Monkey, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Yaks make India the place it is.

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Ancient Times

In Ancient times, there were two civilizations on the Indian Subcontinent; Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara. Mohenjo-Dara had a fortress that was built on a brick platform to keep guard of residents. Residents built granaries to keep store of food for the entire city population. In Harappa, most of the animals they had were sheep, goats, and cattle. Harappa also had a very protective wall to surround the city which was known as a citadel. Harappa is in modern day Pakistan.

India Today

Roughly 20% of the world's population lives in India. In India today, there are around 1,200,000,000 people alive, which ranks India the 2nd most popular country in the world. India's streets are filled with traffic due to over population. More than 250,000,000 people in India live in slump houses. Though, there are some very nice destinations in India.
Life in India

Radhanagar Beach

"The most pristine beach I have ever been on in my life... I was born metres away from the Atlantic on the West Coast of Africa, I have been to many beaches in my life and travels. This one was just amazing," says happy customer on the Radhanagar Beach. This beach is filled with adventures. Swimming in the clear blue water, walking in the puffy white sand, and listening to the trees and waves will make you want to stay forever!
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Traveler Tips

-A sick stomach is pretty common for first-timers in India. People just aren't used to the food there. Stay on bottled water (India's purification system isn't great).

-Carrying huge quantities of cash isn’t a good idea anywhere, but in crowded crowded places like India, pickpocketing is a very big problem.

-Your best chances of spotting a tiger are in the national parks of Rajasthan, but there places all over India where you can track down cool wildlife like lions, wild asses, rhinos, and wild elephants

-It's very crowded so expect noise