Happy Valentine's Day

Mrs. Voye's Class News

Stuffed Animal Tower S.T.E.M. Challenge

Our challenge was to build the tallest tower using up to 100 index cards and scotch tape. The tower must hold the stuffed animal on top for at least 5 seconds. These eager engineers used lots of different strategies and modifications to complete this challenge. Joseph and Jayden's tower (the one with the brown puffle) was built with no tape at all! Justin even practiced at home first and built the tallest tower. His comment was, "It is easier to build it on your own." Our challenge involved TEAMWORK.

Stuffed Animal Towers

Valentine Box Winners

All the Valentine Boxes were FANTASTIC! Everyone had to judge the boxes and give specific feedback to the creator. Then, they cast their vote for each category with reasons for each choice. Justin was the Best Overall Box Winner. His box included a spinning heart, lights, and music. INCREDIBLE!!! Congratulations to all the winners!