Ancient Greece

By: Payton


I'm going to talk about ancient Greece. I have learned a lot about ancient Greece throughout my studying. I studied how Greece got started, how Athens rose to power, the slavery in Greece. Ancient Greece is very interesting. I hope you enjoy it.

How Ancient Greece Started

Ancient Greece began between 1900-1600 BC. Greeks or Hellenes were nomadic herdsmen. The first invaders of Greece were the fair-haired (light colored hair) Achaean. The Dorian came 3 or 4 years after them. The Greeks destroyed the Aegean cities. As the Greeks settled they intermarried the Achaeans. That's how Greece started.

Athens Rise to Power

Athens emerged a blackened ruin in Greece. The Themistocles had the "key" to the future. The Persians were than defeated. About 3 years later Salamis the Athens united the Greek cities. Confederacy became the Athenian Empire. The "Wise Man" became fashionable in Greece.

Slavery in Greece

A large part of the nation was not free (slaves). The Athenian state relied on slaves. Two-fifths of the population were slaves. When a was taken over by Greece the people were often sold as slaves. Athenian slaves often had a chance to get their freedom back.


I have had a lot of fun doing this research. I have learned a lot about Ancient Greece the past week. I hope you enjoyed my presentation. The last thing I want to say is that I hope you find Greece as interesting as I did.


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