By Celia Carbone

Landon's Family

Landon Zane is a 4th grader and he has gone to Talkeetna Elementary since 3rd grade. He is 9 years old and has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Their names are Deja in 2nd grade, Amanda in 1st grade, Marshall in 12th grade, Dolton in 9th grade, Gaylyn who is 31 years old.

More About Landon

What he Likes

If he could have anything he would want lots of video games. He would want video basketball, football, and Call of Duty. His favorite subject is P.E.. His favorite candy is sour gummy worms. When he grows up, he wants to be a football player for the Minnesota Vikings. I have enjoyed writing about Landon very much.

This is Landon