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New Residential Care for Down Syndrome Patients

A New Beginning

Shelly always did her best to fit in. She knew she was special, but this did not stop her from participating in the normal childhood activities. After living at Palmetto Place for over 10 years now, she is able to spend time at the mall, attend public sporting events, and even graduated from high school. Palmetto Place provides fun activities, training, work, and even a way for her to meet new friends.
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About Palmetto Place

Palmetto Place is a residential care facility that allows people with Down Syndrome to experience a normal life, while receiving the help they need. We provide a safe and friendly environment to assist each person in reaching their goals. We understand that each person is unique, therefore we provide special care programs to fit their personal needs. Life skills are also something we value. We provide training in money management, cooking, grooming, fitness, exercise, and even shopping. It is important for us to teach independence through daily routines. We also provide transportation to work and other events. Many patients desire employment. We teach residents to stay on task, follow directions, and interviewing skills.

Palmetto Place was founded in 1992 and now serves over 129 residents. Adults graduating from high school are able to have a college-like experience. We provide personal program goals and surround them with supportive peers. For residents, ages 18+, we offer the opportunity to transition to a more independent and fulfilling life. Our program allows Down Syndrome patients to achieve their own goals and live independently in a world filled with opportunities.

Providing opportunities for a Healthy Lifestyle for Patients with Down Syndrome

Our facilities allow patients with Down Syndrome to live the most normal lives as possible. This gives them a chance to become independent and build strong relationships. As they approach adulthood they learn many skills to help them apply themselves to the normal everyday world. We provide daily activities to help them reach their goals to provide an over all sense of well-being.