Advanced Reading

Ms. Fun

Welcome to Advanced Reading!

I look forward to working with each student during, what is sure to be, an amazing school year!

Course Description

For this class, students will read, comprehend, and analyze complex materials. We will be doing a lot of reading and writing. Students will further enhance their critical thinking skills, their ability to work within a group and independently, and become more confident in their writing and reading abilities.

Course Expectations

Although I plan to use humor and a bit of "fun" in the classroom, students have a few responsibilities of their own. I expect that all students will come to class prepared with their notebook, paper, pens/pencils, and other supplies requested the class prior (could be highlighters, colored pencils, post-its, etc). Students should work hard, especially if they want a good grade in the class. Participation is a must, and is part of the students' overall grade. Students should not eat in our classroom. For a safe classroom environment to exist, name-calling and any other offensive actions will be strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Course Materials

Students should bring:

  • 1-1.5" binder
  • Pens/Pencils
  • 3 (or more) highlighters, especially: yellow, green, and blue.
  • Paper
  • Post-its

Grading Policy

All student grades will be based on a points possible scale. The amount of total points per assignment is based on the length, difficulty, and rigor of the assignment. For example:

  • Homework: 10-20 points per assignment
  • Classwork: 5-10 points per assignment
  • Tests: 50-100 points, depending on topic
  • Quizzes: 25-50 points, depending on topic
  • Essays: 100 points
  • Projects: 100-200 points, depending on project.

The student’s earned points are divided by the total number of points possible. For example: if a student has earned 550 points, out of a possible 700, that student’s grade is a 78% and therefore a “C”.

Class Rules and Consequences


  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Do your best!


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Student/Teacher Conference (also called a “come to Jesus” moment)
  3. Phone call to Parent/Guardia
  4. Referral to Student Affairs

Absenteeism and Lateness

It is of the upmost importance that students turn in all assigned work on time. Students who have an excused absence will be given 24 hours to complete missed assignments for full credit. Students with an unexcused absence will have points deducted per days late. If, for any reason, I feel that your work is not up to quality, I will return the work for revision. You must turn back in that work before school starts the following day for a new -- revised -- grade (or full credit). If a paper/project is due and you are absent, that project or essay upon your return. Otherwise, the paper/project will be considered late and be penalized accordingly.

Values are as follows:

One day late: 25% loss of value

Two days late: 35% loss of value

Three days late: 50% loss of value

Four+ days late: student will receive a zero on the assignment.

Manners Matter!

Think about the common courtesies that make a society run smoothly. Being polite and using good manners trumps just about any other behavior. As for discipline, we will abide by the guidelines outlined in the student handbook and code of conduct. Cell phones should remain invisible and silent during the school day, unless otherwise noted. Students will keep a copy of rules, procedures, and consequences in their binder, along with a copy of the syllabus.

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, results in a zero for the work involved. Academic integrity involves respect for the academic property of others.

If a student is found to have committed academic dishonesty, they will be given 24 hours to re-write said assignment for partial credit.

About Me

Hello! I'm Ms. Kara Funcheon (but you can call me Ms. Fun) and I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in English from The Florida State University. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in English Education from the University of South Florida, and will complete that degree in December of 2014 (which cannot come soon enough!). When I'm not grading papers or doing my own homework, I love to read (like, a lot), watch TV shows and movies, cheer on my Rays, drive up to Tallahassee to watch my Seminoles, travel extensively, and of course, spend time with my friends and family.