Remembered Trash

Jenny Bowler

Nostalgia sweeps the cluttered porch,

as I sit on this dusty bench with no companion.

Creak, creak.

The sounds of a lazy afternoon

cover up the lack of your mischievous purrs.

Where did you go, without me?

Your life, too short, started with little hope.

Your young mother left you,

and all your fallen siblings too,

at the mercies of this carnivorous world,

but you yelled "no" and survived.

You were trash in the beginning,

yet I took you home.

I cleaned you up into a friend.

You, contrary as ever, became family.

My little sister,

I was woken every day by your paws

pitter-patter on my feet,

a pounce by my nose.

You nibbled at my fingertips

like they were the last specks of food

in the entire world.

For those short months,

your tiny grey ears,

atop your fluffy cloud body,

and light blue eyes

were my world.

You, my playful kitten Basura,

who ran just a little too far away

will forever run circles in my heart.

As I stand, and walk

past the dumpster

into my home.

For the last time,


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