Polar Ice Cap

By: Toriann

Climate Location

The Polar Ice Cap region is located at the top and bottom of the Earth. The regions are below 60 degrees South Latitude and above 60 degrees North Latitude. The Polar Ice Caps are also in the Polar temperature zone.

Yearly Precipitation

Although it may seem like a lot of snow falls there, that it not true. According to one weather station in the Ice Caps, it gets and average of only 1-2 inches a year. The reason for this? The air is very cold there resulting in it not holding much moisture.
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Seasons and Temperature Range

The average temperature is about -50 degree Fahrenheit. The highest temperature ever recorded there is 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest ever recorded temperature there is -131.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Northern hemisphere it is Summer during the middle of the year. But in the Southern hemisphere it is Summer during the beginning and end of the year.

Factors Affecting Climate

Factors such as that affect the climate in the Ice Caps are latitude, distance from large bodies of water, and ocean currents.