How libraries helped Ronald

A little story...

Ronald was a homeless man at one point. He had no home, no job and felt like he had no resources to get away from that kind of unfortunate lifestyle. But one day Ron went into a library. Aside from using computers to apply for jobs constantly at libraries, Ron also ended up meeting a man who would help Ron get clean periodically. This man gave Ron haircuts and sometimes old hand me down articles of clothing. As Ron began to go to the library more often, for the books, computers and just time to himself, he became a regular and the people who worked there would also help ronald from time to time. Ronald ended up getting a job after a few months of finding a library to go to. After a job, came going back to school for Ron which later led to him getting a better job and now Ronald is the CEO of a company.
disclaimer: this story is false, but highly likely to happen somewhere. :-)))