Streams of Babel

Carol Plum-Ucci

Novel Information

  • Title: Streams of Babel
  • Author: Carol Plum-Ucci


There are 5 main characters in Streams of Babel: Omar, Scott, Owen, Cora, and Shahzad. Scott, Owen, and Cora were poisoned because Omar, an extremist, poisoned their water. Shahzad is a hacker over in Pakistan that helps the United States Intelligence Coalition (USIC) track down the extremists. Shahzad moves over to the United States after discovering some important things. While this is happening, Scott finds, in an old abandoned shop, some doodles on a table. The doodles are of a water tower, phone numbers, 2 names: Omar Hokiem and Uri Gulav, and the last doodle says Englewood district. Shahzad gets fired from the USIC and with his new friend, Tyler Ping, go to a party with the extremists. At the party Shahzad and Tyler find Catlyst. What will happen after this, will the USIC come or will Tyler and Shahzad get killed, or will the sick kids survive? Read the rest of the book to find out.


  • Trinity Falls, New Jersey - where the extremists contaminated the water
  • Karachi, Pakistan - where Shahzad lives
  • Long Island, New York - where Trinitron is



  • Carol grew up in Brigantine, New Jersey. Her father was a funeral director. She graduated in 1975 from Brigantine Public Schools. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication from Purdue University and a Master of Arts degree from Rutgers University. She worked as Staff Writer and Director of Publications for the Miss America Organization In Atlantic City from 1984 through 1999. Her first book was The Body of Christopher Creed. Carol's husband is Rick Ucci, and they have one daughter.

The Idea

  • Carol got the idea of Streams of Babel from 9/11 because no one knew what was going to happen next.


  • Nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Award
  • Nominated for the Micheal L. Printz Award
  • Won the Micheal L. Printz Award
  • Won worst cliff hanger award



  • Cora - daughter of one of the victims of the parasite; infected by the parasite
  • Scott - son of another victim of the parasite; paramedic; infected by the parasite; found that Trinity Falls was Colony 1
  • Shahzad - sixteen year old hacker from Pakistan that helps for USIC


  • Omar Hokiem - extremist who infects the water of Trinity Falls

Other Characters

  • Tyler - friend of Shahzad; hacker
  • Roger - head of USIC that has met Shahzad in Pakistan

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Personal Recommendation

I thought this was a very good book. I now really want to to read its sequel, The Fire Will Fall. I would recommend this book to other people. It is very realistic in the fact that our own water could be poisoned and we just don't know it yet. This book also always wants you to keep reading to find out what will happen next.