Audition Info:

Theatre Arts Center Summer 2022

Video Tape Audition

If you are unable to attend the Eco Cast Audition times, you can have someone record (with phone or camera) you singing 16 bars of a musical theatre song with tracks (music with out a singer on it).

When recording please:

    1. Slate (saying first and last name)

    2. Age when you will perform the summer show.

    3. Grade you will be attending Fall of 2021

    4. Show or shows you are interested in performing in.

    5. Then sing your 16 bars, if it more than 16 don’t worry we will just listen to the 16.

    6. Make sure you are facing the camera and are acting the song.

These videos can be emailed to

Callback Info:

We will review the auditions and notify you if we want to see you at a callback. The callback will probably be on zoom or in person if we can. Zoom links and info will be posted on the Google classroom. You will be taught a short dance combination and will read a scene from a script we provide you with. Break a leg!

Kristine Lewis

Producer / Director

Theatre Arts Center


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