Obsessive-compulsive disorders OCD

Hailey Heard and Martha Cisneros


An anxiety disorder that gives you thoughts which make you feel uneasy, and have fear or worry

Symptoms of disorder

  • Checking and rechecking actions
  • Excessive counting
  • Excessive fear of germs
  • Has obsessions and compulsive behavior
  • Your brain tells you that you're in danger when you're not


Classroom modifications

Accommodations vary depending on what your OCD is like. They require flexible teachers for when their symptoms worsen. They combine ideas from the teacher, parents, student, and sometimes student’s therapist in order to make the accommodations necessary.


OCD thoughts: fear of causing harm to themselves or others, everything has to be just right, and superstitions.
OCD behaviors: doing senseless things to reduce stress, ordering or things to be just right, and just keeping junk.
ocd girl