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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ March 11

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2:05 Dismissal on Wed, March 16

The Concert is Here

Lakeview’s annual spring concert is on Thursday, March 17th at 6:30 p.m. in the South Milwaukee High School Performing Arts Center.

On the evening of the concert, please arrive no earlier than 6:15pm. You can park in the visitor and staff parking lot that runs parallel to 15th Avenue. Please enter through door #9. As you enter please drop your child(ren) off to the left in the Commons Area with their grade level and find a seat for yourself in the auditorium. When the concert is over a teacher will escort students back to the commons where you may pick them up. For the safety and enjoyment of all our students please stay for the entire concert so your son/daughter can participate in our all-school song and pick them up in the commons area so teachers know that students have left safely. More information can be found at

Our students have worked exceptionally hard to prepare for this concert. In order to respect the work they have done, please remember that courtesy is a gift to be treasured on this very special night.

Bingo Night

Thursday, March 31 - PTO Bingo Night. This starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Lakeview gym. It is free! Come join us for fun and community.

From our Food Service Staff

This information is helpful for those who receive E-PBT benefits. This program provides an automatic benefit for students that receive Free/Reduced Lunch and have Covid-19 related absences during the school year.

Forward Exam After Break

In April, the 3rd-5th grade students will take the annual Forward Exam. This test is given to all students in Wisconsin from grades 3-8. It consists of a Math section (2 tests) and an English Language Arts section (4 tests). In addition, 4th grade adds Science (2 tests) and Social Studies (2 tests). Your students prepare all year for this test through rigorous classroom instruction, but especially in recent weeks. Stay tuned for more information about the exam and schedules.

Here is information from the State of Wisconsin in English and in Spanish.

Please let your teacher know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates

Lakeview Concert - Thursday, March 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school PAC

Spring Break - Week of March 21 - No School this week

Lakeview PTO Bingo Night - March 31 from 6:30-7:30

District-wide Elementary Art Show - April 27 from 5-7 p.m. at the high school

Lakeview PTO Spring Dance - April 28 from 6:00-7:30

SM Literacy Night at the high school - May 12 from 5:00-7:30

5th Grade Camp Information

Over the last week, we have sent information about 5th grade camp to families. This link gives you all the information about camp. If you did not attend conferences, we will be sending home permission slips with directions. Please return them as soon as possible.

Absence Reporting

If your child has any symptoms (including non-Covid symptoms), the only way to report the student's absence is by using this link. You will need to complete this by 8:30 a.m. anytime your student will be absent because of illness. If multiple students from your household will be absent due to illness, you will need to complete it once for each student. This link is available on the Lakeview website as well as in this family newsletters. This will help us be more responsive to you, our families, with our Covid protocols.

The link for absence reporting will stay on the Lakeview homepage as well as in the family newsletter each week.

If your student is not missing school due to symptoms (for example, a dentist appointment or a family vacation), please continue to call the Lakeview office directly.

4K Registration for 22-23 is now open

If you have a child that is eligible for 4K next year, it is time to register! And if you know a family member, friend, or neighbor that has a child that could be in 4K next year, please let them know.

To be in 4K next year, the child must be 4 years old on or before September 1st. All day 4K is available at all four elementary schools and half day 4K is available at Blakewood. Although it is not "first come, first served" our 4K programs will fill up quickly, especially the all-day 4K programs. So it is best to get your registration in right now instead of waiting.

Here is a link to the information about 4K registration. All incoming 4K students are registered as "new students" (rather than "adding a student to your family).

Contact Lakeview if you have any questions about 4K registration for 2022-2023.

This Week's Golden Lions!

There were 18 Golden Lions awarded to students since our last newsletter. Here are the descriptions for each of those Golden Lions. Our students demonstrate GREAT character at Lakeview!

• Aubree did an awesome job following along with her writing lesson and getting all of her ideas written in her notebook. Way to go, Aubree!

• Porter worked on writing and math on his own! He took care of his own belongings too! Way to go Porter!

• While fellow classmates were getting distracted and being silly in the hallway between specials and before lunch, Matthew was a good role model and showed good choices by holding up a level zero sign and staying in line. He always shows he is focused and ready to learn.

• Aiden has had two awesome days in a row! He has been safe, respectful and engaged in his learning. He has been following directions, raising his hand to talk and writing long, detailed sentences during writing time! Aiden, you should be very proud of yourself!

• Kaeden can rote count to 127 and has exceeded our end of the year counting goal of 120.

• During Writer's Workshop, when students were grouped together to find evidence in a text, Sammy noticed one of her friends moved away from the group she was working with to work alone. Samantha told the group she was working with that she didn't want her friend to work alone, so she left her group and joined her friend. What a thoughtful thing to do. Thank you, Sammy!

• Asher did what he could to make another student feel successful during a kickball game. I don't know if Asher realized how good he made that student feel. That student had the biggest smile on their face! Way to go Asher!!!

• Delloyd is growing so much as a reader! Keep up the great work! Keep practicing at home too, please.

• Mia is growing so much as a reader! Way to go Mia! Keep practicing at home too, please.

• I was very impressed with how engaged Aiden was during writing on Tuesday. Aiden's writing skills are growing so much! Awesome job! Keep practicing at home too, please.

• Rainna's assignment was to read Ch. 2 in a book. She was so engaged in her reading that she finished reading the entire book! Rainna didn't stop there. I saw her read the book a 2nd time! Rainna is doing what readers do...they read, read ahead and reread!

• Kassidy has worked very hard on her writing. She has been practicing letter sounds at home. She uses letter sounds and sight words in her writing! She draws detailed pictures too! Super job Kassidy!

• Hamish really did a great job being respectful and following directions when he returned his classes Library books. He set them all on my desk with the labels up and did that independently when I wasn't even in the Library. Thanks for the respectful surprise Hamish! - Mr. Franecki

• Frankie is kind to her friends. She is always willing to help a friend in need. I am proud of Frankie!

• At the end of music, Skyler found money lying on the floor in the music room. Instead of keeping it for himself, he gave it to a teacher right away so that the owner could be located. Thank you for your honesty, Skyler!

• As we are preparing to write a formal essay for the state assessment in a few weeks, Aaliyah has been thoroughly engaged in the whole process; from brainstorming ideas, to creating a draft and editing that draft, she has worked hard to apply all we have learned. Thank you for staying so engaged in your writing, Aaliyah, and dedicating so much effort to getting yourself as ready as possible. Your hard work will certainly pay off!

• Jazmine was absent when we first started drafting our practice essay as we get ready to take the state assessment in a few weeks. However, instead of sitting by, Jazmine asked adults in the room for help so she could catch up. She then spent days working hard to apply all we have been learning, asking questions along the way. Thanks for being so engaged and responsible, Jazmine!

• Lerice has been working with a teacher on reading and spelling 3rd grade snap words. He took charge of his own learning and asked me to make him some flashcards to practice on his own. Way to go!

Roar Awards!

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.

Lakeview's Mission:

The mission of Lakeview Elementary is to ensure each and every learner GROWS the knowledge and skills essential to achieving their full potential.

Lakeview's Vision:

We will create a school where each and every learner will thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning communities.

Lakeview's Values:

• We value strong relationships between students, staff, and families.

• We value being responsive to student academic and social-emotional needs.

• We value staff collaboration that supports shared goals and actions for student success.