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Everyone dies, right?

As our generation grows so does science. We are getting to the point where human transplants are possible and eventually more important parts such as organs and lungs.But how far can we go? At what point would we be crossing the line? This is what we think.

Jenna's Society and Mine

Jenna's society doesn't allow Bioethics that go's past 49% and anything after that the FSEB will capture any one. This caused lots of problems in Jenna's life. This is one of the differences between my society and Jenna's. In my society there is a organization such as the FSEB that keeps an eye on those who use bioethics. My organization (FSEP) will not go as far as capturing them but making sure they are stable in a facility before letting them back into the real world. Heart transplants are more extreme than simply losing a hand due to cancer. They would be multiple facilities all around the world that holds many patients that are being taught how to control themselves and how to use their neural chips. They would also be the loved ones that are being taught how to react if something were to go wrong. My society would never allow the patients to live longer than the human life span. The society right now would never allow bioethics to the point where you can make actual clones because the government is still discussing that. The society right now is similar to mine in many ways, such as transplants like lost arms or limbs. This society in the future will maybe let more than limbs but also organs be replaced and maybe eventually clones but that's the difference between mine

Set Laws

Most asked Questions

Question's for My Society

How would your society define legally human?

My society would say that anyone that has been through at least one facility and has been approved by the FSEP is allowed to be legal. Whether it's 20% or 80% but we draw the line if anyone is 100% because you wouldn't be human(according to my society). Even if they pass the examination if the part that is still human isn't something like a vital organ, like a arm which isn't as important they will not be legal. In other words you can't be 100% bio gel and if you never had to go into the facilities or if you did you were let out. If it's just a limb then you won't go into a facility you won't be illegal but if it's much more than it would be harder for you to be legally human.

What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

The patient would be captured and would be stripped of most of his less needed transplants or would have a uploaded order that could immediately stop the patient like the one Jenna's parents uploaded in her. At the very most the patient would be completely stripped of his bio gel and left to die.

How would your society regulate the laws concerning Bioethics?

If the patient was allowed out of the facilities then we would be

more lenient on them and we would try to keep as fair in a you do good you get good system.

We would have a set of laws that the patient would follow and if they couldn't follow a lot of them then we would organize a meeting with the FESP and government and we would try to lower the expectations of the newly recovering patients but keep them at a point so the patient won't endanger anyone or themselves. During these meetings we will ask the families and friends of the patients about if they think that the one of the laws for example, having them supervised at all times. If the loved ones disagree then we will take up their input and try to keep things fair. We can also completely take out laws but most of the time we would try to adjust them or do nothing to them at all.

How I Feel Personally

I think that bioethics should not be allowed unless the thing that is being replaced is not a major part of the body maybe a limb perhaps. Bioethics will take it even farther and soon we won't be able to tell what makes up a human, and if we crossed the line in the process and did something we regret. Having operations is already expensive, transplants would be even more so we're just going to let him die cause he can't afford it?
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