Terrestrial Cruise

By: Matthew Guerrero

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Each planet are millions miles away from the sun. Starting from mars it is 13 million miles away and then all the way up to pluto it is billions of miles away. The structure of the planets are mostly gases with a solid core and a liguid or gas mantle with a solid crust besides juipter. The planes orbit times are from 687 earth days to 84 earth years for Uranus. Each atmosphere varies but most are the same like mars and juipter are both solid land with a gases atmosphere, saturn, neptune, and urnaus has a gasees atmosphere made up of hydrogen and hellium gas. Each planet has there diffrences like mars is a solid red land and juipter is a solid brown and red land, with neptune, saturn, and uranus with a blue like gases land. The names of the planets all come from ancient greek gods like juipter is the god of the gods and neptune is the god of sea and uranus was a god of farming and mars was the god of ear.
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