2021 MSW Masked Singer

Week 1


It's time to kick off the second annual MSW Masked Singer competition! Those of you who were West students last year will remember the crazy costumes and slick dance moves our faculty and staff showed off last spring...well, wait until you see what they've come up with this year! If you're new to the school, or just new to the competition, here's how it works: various members of our faculty and staff have put together some spectacular vocal performances to share with all of you...the catch is, they are MASKED, so you have no idea who's actually performing. You can rest assured, though, the vocals and choreography are completely their own.

We will be sharing four videos this week, followed by another four next week; in addition, each performance will be followed by a reaction video from our judges (new this year!). Each week, you have the opportunity to submit your guess at who is behind each mask. Once all of the videos are released, you will also have the chance to vote for your favorite performer. During the last week of school, we will release our final reveal video, where you will learn who was behind each mask, and see just how many you guessed correctly!

Let's jump in to our first round of videos...read through the clue packages introducing each performer, watch the video, listen to what our judges have to say, and don't forget to submit your guesses!

The Old Lady

Our first singer is The Old Lady. Unlike Mary Poppins, The Old Lady is NOT practically perfect in every way, although they have been known to "feed the birds" when baby ducks hatch in our West courtyards. Also, unlike Mary Poppins, The Old Lady is responsible for the well-being of FAR more than 2 children...take a look at their performance, listen to what our guest judges have to say, and then see if you can figure out who's behind the mask!
The Old Lady - "Spoonful of Sugar"
Now check out the judges' reactions...
Judges React to The Old Lady

The Astronaut

The Astronaut is truly out of this world, but is no stranger to being an Outsider. When they're rolling through the day-to-day here on earth, they often zoom in from the big-picture view to focus on the small details. Although The Astronaut may have you stumped for now, they won't string you along for too long...
The Astronaut - "Space Oddity"
Here's what the judges had to say...
Judges React to The Astronaut

The Lion

The Lion may not be a centerfielder, but they could definitely play center mid! And although the Lion isn't actually a huge fan of baseball, it wouldn't be surprising to find them pouring over the statistics involved with the sport, Moneyball-style...You might also find the Lion on the sidelines of the game, getting the crowd on their feet, because believe it or not, they were a cheerleader in high school!
The Lion - "Centerfield"
What did the judges think about this one?
Judges React to The Lion

The Spiderman

The Spiderman is no chicken, but they are a huge fan of chicken pot pie! They eight it a lot when they were growing up, which could explain their egg-cellent chirping skills...guessing this performer should be no probllama!
The Spiderman - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Let's check in with our judges on this one...
Judges React to The Spiderman

Now it's time to vote!

Use the Google Form linked below to submit your guesses for this week's singers - you can submit a separate form for each performer. And stay tuned for our next round of masked madness next week!